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7 Best Dior Nail Glow Dupes For Perfect Nails 2023

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Regular readers will know that I love my beauty dupes and write about them all the time. So I’ve been intrigued by finding a good Dior Nail Glow dupe since this is a product which so many people love, but which is really expensive. 

Dior’s Nail Glow retails for $30 USD (or £27 / €31) for a 0.3 oz bottle

I mean – ouch, that is a lot of money for a nail polish. 

If the price tag doesn’t agree with you either then I’ve listed the best Dior Nail Glow dupes below. 

They’re all cheaper alternatives to this wildly popular nail brightener, and will give you a very similar result. 

Aside from the price difference, the other great thing about some of these dupes is that they are from cruelty free brands. Sadly Dior is not cruelty free because their products are sold in areas where animal testing is required by law. 

With that said, whether you want a Dior Glow nail polish dupe because of the price point or the cruelty free aspect, I’ve got you covered below. 

dior nail glow and cuticle oil
Image: Dior

What does the Dior Nail Glow do?

Before comparing the dupes, it’s worth discussing what we’re actually looking for from a Nail Glow dupe. 

Dior Nail Glow polish, as the name suggests, is used to give a natural glow to your nails. 

It’s a pink translucent color that won’t cover over your natural nail bed like an opaque polish. Instead, it’s designed to enhance the natural look of your nails by making the pink sections look pinker, and the white sections look whiter. 

Dior’s iconic Nail Glow formula contains something called Fluorescent Brightener 367, a controversial ingredient that works as an optical brightener. 

The result is a very subtle French manicure effect with an added healthy glow. 

Also containing sweet almond oil and peony flower extract, Nail Glow is in addition a treatment to hydrate and strengthen your nail. 

dior nail glow
Image: Dior

Let’s look at the cheaper dupes for this product. 

Nails Inc Glow Naturale Nail Polish Duo $15

nails inc glow naturale glowing nail polish duo
Image: Nails Inc

You get two nail polishes for half the price of the Dior one with this duo, but it’s the shade Glowing My Way that we’re interested in here. 

The transparent pink polish is a really good dupe for Dior’s Nail Glow as the look you get on bare nails is very similar. 

Nails Inc’s polish also contains Fluorescent Brightener 367 as a primary ingredient. This product gives the same natural looking tint at a more affordable price. I would say it’s slightly more on the pink side than Dior but enhances the natural color of your nails in the same way. 

I like Nails Inc polishes because they’re very good quality and the brush is nice and wide so you can cover your whole nail really quickly. 

This dupe from Nails Inc is also cruelty free and suitable for vegans. 

Le Mini Macaron Je Glow! Nail Brightener $11

le mini macaron je glow nail brightener
Image: Le Mini Macaron

This is an excellent drugstore dupe for Dior Nail Glow and at only a fraction of the price. 

Also containing Fluorescent Brightener 367 like Dior’s wildly popular nail enhancer, you get brighter and whiter nails without the extra cost. 

The best part is that this nail brightener is 9-Free so it won’t harm your natural nails, and it also contains citric acid to neutralize any yellowing of your nail which sometimes occurs after wearing dark nail polishes. 

As with the other similar products in this list, apply this over bare nails for a naturally glowing effect and a very subtle tint of pink. 

Le Mini Macaron is also a cruelty free and vegan brand. 

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Essie Hard To Resist Nail Strengthener $11

essie hard to resist dior nail glow dupe
Image: Essie

Just as affordable is this dupe product from Essie

It gives your nails a very similar pink glow and has the added benefits of what Essie calls ‘nail bonding technology’ to improve the strength and condition of your nails while you wear it. 

The consistency of Essie’s polish is very similar to Dior’s but it does take a little longer to dry which I find true of all of Essie’s polishes for some reason. 

There’s no denying though that the two look very similar on the nails; a very glossy finish which gives an instant French manicure effect to make white tips look whiter and the pinks of the nails look pinker. 

Be sure to pick up the pink version called Glow & Shine to get the Dior dupe (not the purple bottle). 

Essie is not a truly cruelty free brand as it is owned by L’Oreal. 

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat $30

perfect formula pink gel coat
Image: Perfect Formula

OK, so clearly this costs just as much as Dior which will probably make you wonder why it’s in a list of Dior Nail Glow dupes, but bear with me. For the same price you get almost twice as much product as you get in the Dior bottle.

In terms of the look of this product, it’s a pretty much perfect dupe for Dior’s Nail Glow. The glow effects it gives to your nails is so very similar. 

Perfect Formula’s product contains an optical brightener that gives you that lovely sheer tint of pink on the nail beds and white tips. 

It also strengthens your nails due to having keratin as a key ingredient. This makes it perfect if you have thin nails that break easily, as they will grow thicker and stronger too. 

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Nail-Aid 1 Step French Mani in French Sheer $6

nail-aid 1 step french mani
Image: Nail-Aid

Applied over natural nails, this dupe for Dior Nail Glow is so incredibly similar. 

It’s designed to give you an instant French manicure style look with pinker nails and whiter tips, just like Dior’s polish. 

I would say the ‘glow’ is not quite as pronounced as with Dior but it’s such a subtle difference. 

The best thing, of course, is the incredibly low price tag. 

If you’re budgeting then this one is a great way to try the glowing nails look without breaking the bank.

Catrice Glossing Glow Nail Lacquer 010 £3.49

catrice glossing glow
Image: Catrice

This is a little hard to find in the US since Ulta stopped selling Catrice a couple of years ago. However, if you can get your hands on it then it’s well worth picking up just because it’s so inexpensive

As the name Glossing Glow suggests, it’s designed to impart a natural glow to the nails. 

Used on its own just like a base coat, it will give you that coveted instant French manicure effect but in a really subtle way, while eliminating any yellowish tint. 

Catrice are a cruelty free brand and this is suitable for vegans too. 

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Orly Bare Rose $10.95

orly bare rose nail polish
Image: Orly

Designed to be used while doing a French manicure, this glossy jelly-like polish from Orly is a very sheer, subtle pink that mimics the look of Dior Nail Glow. 

It gives a very natural flush of color to your nails, and a ‘your nails but better’ effect without any fuss. 

Orly’s polish also has more natural ingredients than Dior, being free from drying chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde. 

Orly are cruelty free and this polish is also vegan-friendly. 

Dior’s Nail Glow is a great product; there’s no doubt about that. It gives nails a gorgeous natural glow and makes you look instantly put together. It’s very low maintenance to use and wear and works with various skin tones. 

The major disadvantage is that the price is just so high, and many of us just don’t want to spend so much on what is really one of the most subtle beauty products out there for our nails. 

Thankfully you can skip this high-end product and go for a a cheaper product with the same ease of use, the same brightening effect and which will give you strong nails at the same time. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is Dior Nail Glow a treatment?

Dior’s Nail Glow is primarily a beautifying polish for your nails to make them look naturally glowing and prettier. It does however contain sweet almond oil which helps to nourish the nails and stop them from drying out and breaking. 

What are the ingredients in Dior Nail Glow?

Dior Nail Glow contains a polymer that reacts to the pH of the nails to adjust to a customized pink tint for each wearer, along with shine enhancing pearl pigments and nourishing vitamin E to help condition nails.

Do you use a base coat with Dior Nail Glow?

Dior Nail Glow is designed to be used alone without a base coat. You just apply one to two coats on to bare nails to get pinker nail beds and whiter tips. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to use any other products with it like a base coat or top coat. 

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