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The Granola Girl Aesthetic: Your Ultimate Guide

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The Granola Girl Aesthetic has become more popular lately due to our growing interest in health, wellness and the environment. 

If you’re all about embracing the beauty of the great outdoors, nurturing your soul with sustainable fashion, and indulging in some serious earthy vibes, then this might be the aesthetic type for you. 

Picture this: the scent of fresh pine lingering in the air, warm sunlight dancing through the leaves, and a gentle breeze tousling your hair as you embark on your next adventure. That’s the essence of the this particular aesthetic type; a trend that celebrates all things nature-inspired and laid back.

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, it’s no wonder more and more girls and women are gravitating towards this chill and eco-friendly lifestyle. From embracing earth-toned outfits to choosing natural skincare remedies, it’s an awesome way to reconnect with Mother Nature and find balance in our fast-paced lives.

So, if you’re curious about how to infuse a little granola goodness into your own style and daily routine, stick around as we explore sustainable fashion choices, mindful living, and everything in between. Get ready to find out everything there is to know about the Granola Girl Aesthetic. 

granola girl aesthetic

What is a Granola Girl? 

A true Granola Girl is a type of person who is known for their earthy, eco-conscious, and laid-back lifestyle. They are often associated with a certain aesthetic, which includes a love of natural materials, comfortable clothing, road trips and outdoor activities.

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Here’s how to define a girl who aligns with this aesthetic: 

She’s environmentally conscious

These girls are passionate about protecting the environment. They often recycle, compost, and choose sustainable products.

She’s outdoorsy

A girl like this loves spending time in nature, believing that the best way she can spend her spare time is exploring the beauty of National Parks while breathing in the fresh air. She’s often found hiking, camping, or surfing.

granola girl with fjallraven backpack and flannel shirt

She’s comfortable

Girls with this aesthetic don’t like to be overdressed. They prefer comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely, and tend to veer towards a more low-maintenance appearance.

She’s natural

These girls love all things natural. They often use natural products in their beauty routine and eat organic food.

She’s laid-back

A girl with this aesthetic is relaxed and easygoing. They don’t like to stress about things and they just go with the flow.

purple patagonia t shirt

In a way, people with this particular aesthetic style are like modern-day hippies and are a really laid-back, relaxed type of people. This aesthetic is also sometimes referred to as Earthcore. 

What is the Granola Girl Aesthetic? 

This aesthetic is characterized by a love of nature, sustainability, and a laid-back attitude. 

Their clothes are most suitable for casual and everyday wear, and there aren’t really many options in their closet for formal occasions. This aesthetic loves to be comfortable, and loves spending time in the great outdoors. 

Here are some of the key elements of this look:

girl wearing flannel shirt

Natural materials

This girl loves all things natural, so often favors clothing made from natural materials like organic cotton, linen, and hemp. This aesthetic type loves to make sustainable choices when it comes to clothing, and she’ll often be found at the thrift store looking for something to wear on her next long hike. 

She’s someone who also likes to use natural beauty products and home goods. Her love for nature will also extend to her jewelry preferences and you’ll often notice her wearing various bohemian types of necklaces featuring natural materials like leather, meaningful stones and crystals.

Comfortable clothing

A great way to describe this style is that girls who are drawn to this aesthetic don’t like to be overdressed, so they prefer comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely. This might include items like yoga pants, t-shirts, and sweaters, as well as UGG boots outfits

Outdoor gear

These women and girls love spending time in nature, so they often have a lot of outdoor gear in their closets. Their clothes are functional, practical and comfortable. 

This most likely also includes items like hiking boots, backpacks, and camping gear.

girl hiking in beanie hat with hiking boots

Earthy colors

These girls often favor earthy colors like brown, green, and beige. These colors are inspired by nature and they help to create the relaxed and natural look that this aesthetic type is known for. 

While patterns and prints can be part of this aesthetic type, typically this girl will choose patterns that are subtle and natural. They typically avoid patterns that are too busy or loud. They’re too low-key for that. 

Minimalist accessories and beauty products

This type of girl typically doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry or makeup. She prefers to let her natural beauty shine through. 

Sure, she might pop on a bit of makeup if she feels like it, but most of the time she loves to be in her natural state and feels really comfortable that way. 

Her focus instead is on skincare and using natural and organic products, including essential oils, herbal remedies, and DIY skincare. This aesthetic type avoids harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients where possible. 

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blonde girl wearing yellow t shirt in the great outdoors

Embracing a healthy lifestyle

This aesthetic usually means following a nutritious diet which incorporaties whole foods and superfoods. She likes exploring vegetarian and vegan options, and gets outdoors to connect with nature whenever she can. 

Spending time outdoors has the benefit of grounding you and makes it easier to practice mindfulness and meditation, both of which are characteristic of this particular aesthetic style. 

Nature-inspired home and decor

This aesthetic type extends beyond clothing into the home. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly home decor is a must-have. To bring in this aesthetic this lady will incorporate natural materials in to her room or home, such as wood and stone, for a super cozy and rustic look. 

With the addition of plants and greenery as decor elements this girl creates a calming and comforting living space which emphasizes simplicity and minimalism. 

girl wearing chacos

How do you dress like a Granola Girl?

There are certain key pieces that fit this look perfectly. Here’s the best Granola Girls starter kit:

  • Flowy maxi dresses and skirts
  • Relaxed-fit organic cotton t-shirts and tanks, often with eco-conscious slogans
  • High-waisted blue jeans and denim shorts
  • Comfy oversized sweaters and cardigans made from natural materials
  • Cropped tops and bralettes 
  • Bohemian-style blouses with embroidery and lace details
  • Breathable linen pants
  • A waffle knit or plaid shacket
  • A pair of overalls
  • Cozy flannel shirts
  • Patchwork and tie-dye pieces
  • Floppy sun hats 
  • Beanies
  • Organic cotton and bamboo activewear 
  • Durable hiking boots 
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Kimonos and dusters for layering 
  • Vintage-inspired accessories like beaded bracelets and anklets
  • Crochet and macrame bags 
  • Natural fiber scarves 
  • Oversized sunglasses with wooden or bamboo frames
  • Minimalistic wooden or metal jewelry 
  • Swimsuits made from sustainable materials like recycled polyester

Remember your clothing should be mainly earth tone colors and wherever possible made from recyclable materials. 

black fjallraven backpack worn by granola girl on a hike

Don’t forget to accessorize with the following:

  • a reusable water bottle like the Hydro Flask
  • a playlist of indie music
  • cloth headbands
  • hiking socks
  • granola bars
  • a self-developing film camera like a Polaroid

Granola Girl clothing brands

Here are the best Granola clothing brands to check out and hunt for in your local thrift store:

  • Birkenstock
  • Patagonia
  • Chacos
  • Lululemon
  • LL Bean 
  • Carharrt
  • The North Face
  • Free People
  • Athleta
  • Madewell
  • Everlane
  • Outerknown
  • Reformation
  • People Tree
  • prAna
  • Groceries Apparel
  • Teva
  • Billabong
  • Blundstones
  • Tentree
  • Toad&Co
  • Land’s End
  • Cotopaxi
  • Arcteryx
  • Marmot
  • Duluth Trading Company
  • Girlfriend Collective
  • Fjällräven

Thrifting these brands is a great option because it fits in perfectly with the eco-friendly focus of this lifestyle. 

girl in overalls and earth toned t shirt

What shoes do Granola Girls wear?

Girls who love the Granola Aesthetic wear practical shoes and boots from brands like Birkenstocks, Allbirds, Chacos, Teva, Converse and Blundstones.

This gorgeously relaxed and laid-back type of aesthetic is all about being comfortable, natural, and sustainable. If you’re looking for a way to embrace a more relaxed and eco-friendly lifestyle, then this is the aesthetic for you.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a Granola person look like? 

A Granola person embraces a natural and bohemian style, often opting for a flannel shirt and blue jeans or a pair of overalls, paired with some practical sandals or shoes. They own mainly earth-toned clothing and prioritize comfort and sustainability, often accessorizing with wooden or metal jewelry, floppy hats, and eco-friendly bags.

Where did the term Granola Girl come from?

The term “Granola Girl” originated from the word “granola,” which refers to a type of food made from rolled oats, nuts, honey, and other natural ingredients. The term was later adapted to describe individuals who embrace a nature-inspired lifestyle, often characterized by eco-friendly fashion choices, a preference for organic and wholesome foods, and a love for outdoor activities and sustainability.

What is a granola personality?

A granola personality refers to someone who embodies a down-to-earth and nature-loving demeanor. They tend to prioritize holistic well-being, mindfulness, and sustainable living. A typical granola personality might engage in outdoor activities, practice yoga or meditation, and have an appreciation for eco-friendly choices in various aspects of life.

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Monday 30th of October 2023

Embracing nature, sustainable fashion, and an eco-friendly lifestyle is so refreshing in our fast-paced world. Thanks for sharing this inspiring trend!

Melissa Jane Lee

Monday 30th of October 2023

@Jhicel, you are welcome! It's a great aesthetic to follow.