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15 affordable Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes (2024)

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Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach is one of the designer brand’s most popular fragrances.

Bitter Peach has a complex scent with fruity notes from the peach combined with an earthy warm fragrance.

It’s loved so much that it has become the signature scent for so many people.

However, like all Tom Ford fragrances, Bitter Peach comes with an incredibly high price tag.

A 100 ml bottle of Tom Ford Bitter Peach Eau de Parfum retails for $550 USD (or £355 / €430).

This is, of course, extremely expensive even for a designer fragrance.

Like a lot of luxury perfumes from designer brands, you are also paying for the brand name and the bottle design when it comes to Tom Ford’s price point.

Fortunately for all of us who love Bitter Peach but simply won’t pay out so much money, there is a Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe out there for a fraction of the price. I’ve listed my favorite alternatives below, including my top pick of the Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach which smells identical and is so affordable.

The Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe list

tom ford bitter peach perfume bottle
Image: Tom Ford

Every good Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe is listed below.

The majority of these dupes for Tom Ford Bitter Peach come from so-called dupe houses.

That is, they are made by perfume companies who specialise in creating fragrance dupes that copy iconic fragrances.

For example, many of these dupe houses also make Tom Ford Soleil Blanc dupes and Parfums de Marly Delina dupes.

Scroll down to see the Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes and get a very similar scent without the expensive price tag.

What does Tom Ford Bitter Peach smell like?

The top notes of Bitter Peach are Pêche de Vigne Accord, Sicilian Blood Orange Oil and Cardamom Oil.

Its middle notes are Davana Oil, Rum Absolute, Heliotrope, Cognac Oil and Jasmin Absolute Sambac.

Bitter Peach has base notes of Indonesian Patchouli Leaf, Cashmeran, Labdanum Absolute, Sandalwood New Caledonia, Benzoin Resinoid, Vanilla, Tonka Bean Absolute and Styrax Resinoid.

The overall effect of Bitter Peach is sweet peach with woody undertones and the sweet notes of its vanilla tones.

The Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes

bitter peach dupe from Fragrenza
Image: Fragrenza

Here is every Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe that you need to know about.

It’s important to note that when you are trying out a dupe fragrance, it can smell differently on different people.

Alt bitter peach dupe
Image: ALT. Fragrances

However, the vast majority of these Bitter Peach dupes are all aimed at perfectly mimicking the Bitter Peach fragrance.

They have similar notes to the Tom Ford fragrance and therefore almost exactly the same, if not just an incredibly similar fragrance, to the real thing.

For quick reference before the full list below:

The best Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe is often considered to be Better Peach by Alexandria Fragrances.

alexandria fragrances bitter peach dupe
Image: Alexandria Fragrances

Reviewers state that this Bitter Peach dupe actually lasts a lot longer than Tom Ford’s Bitter Peach Eau De Parfum. I do like this one and would say it’s my second favorite.

It also happens to be a much more affordable perfume. The company also ship worldwide.

For a very long lasting Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupe try Oil Perfumery’s Impression of Bitter Peach. I absolutely love this rollerball fragrance because the scent is pretty much identical and it’s very inexpensive.

oil perfumery bitter peach tom ford dupe
Image: Oil Perfumery

It comes in a small glass tube with a rollerball which makes it great for travel.

It perhaps doesn’t look as good on your bathroom shelf as a bottle of Tom Ford fragrance but the affordable price makes it well worth it, plus it gets great reviews.

The dupes below from ALT. Fragrances and Dua Fragrances are also often cited as a great dupe for Bitter Peach.

dua bitter peach dupe
Image: Dua Fragances

Of course, a full bottle of either of these dupes listed below costs much less than Tom Ford.

Here is a list of all the best Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes:

(in alphabetical order)

Alexandria Fragrances Better Peach

Available here

ALT. Fragrances Peach Smash

Available here

Copycat Fragrances Inspired By Bitter Peach

Available here

Deja Vu Scents Bitter P

Available here

Dua Fragrances Sour Peach

Available here

Fragrenza Better Peach

Available here

Furby And Sugar Peach Please

Available here

Lattafa Sutoor

Available here

Layered B!tch Please

Available here

Match 25 Inspired By Bitter Peach

Available here

Noted Aromas Atlanta

Available here

Oil Perfumery Impression of Bitter Peach

Available here

Perfume Parlour Sour Prunus 1763

Available here

Richard Dirty Peach – hard to find online

More Tom Ford Bitter Peach dupes

You can also find the Bitter Peach fragrance replicated in other things aside from fragrance.

For example, on Etsy you can get a Bitter Peach dupe in the form of body oil, candles, body butter and wax melts.

Get a Tom Ford Bitter Peach sample

You might want to pick up a small decant of the real Tom Ford Bitter Peach fragrance instead of a dupe.

There are a few available from sellers on Etsy.

It’s easy to find a Bitter Peach Tom Ford dupe or sample therefore, and it will generally save you a lot of money instead of shelling out for the real thing.

Love finding dupes?

Check out all the perfume dupes articles on this site.

Don’t miss the Gucci Bloom dupes and the Tom Ford Lost Cherry dupe list. 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products! I would love to know what you think of my favorites from this list.

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Giangi Townsend

Thursday 11th of January 2024

I love the Bitter Peach from Tom Ford but I am not fond of the price tag. Thank you for all the suggestions. I will invest in the Wicket Good as I do like the patchouli undertones. Thank you for a great article

Melissa Jane Lee

Friday 12th of January 2024

The price tag of the Tom Ford is insane isn't it? I agree - I love it too but it's just so expensive.